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About Me

I dont really have much to say about myself. Raised in Cynthiana, KY. All my family are from McCreary county. I dropped out of college to start working full time and here I am.

I was always raised around vehicles and motors. My family tells me that I was driving my own 3 wheeler at 2 years old. As a kid my Grandpa gave me a small model airplane engine and a set of small tools, his idea of a good childs toy I guess. LOL Had a few 4 wheelers up until I turned 12, at which point I got my first dirt bike. My Dad was a Hare Scramble regional champion, and invited to nationals on many occasions. So naturally he wanted to get me and my brother into racing. We spent the next several years racing dirt bikes in local events.

When I turned 16 my dad helped me buy my first vehicle. A 1998 Jeep Cherokee XJ. It was a dark blue almost purple in color. This vehicle was a blast. Used it to sneak out and pick up chicks in high school all the time. Went off roading, and camping. I also did my first stereo install in this vehicle. However the vehicle met its demise one night on my way back to a party. It had rained after a long dry spell. When my rear end slipped after going around a curve a bit too fast for the slick surface I hit my brakes. I instanly knew I screwed up. I tried to correct the steering but I just had to sit and watch as events unfolded. The jeep went sideways, front wheels hooked the dirt off the edge of the road, I was pulled off the road and right into a telephone pole. The jeep took a boomerang shape where the pole impacted on the driver door. Covered in glass I dug around and undid my seatbelt, pulled myself up and out of the window because the door wouldnt open. Thank god I got out with only a bump on my head and a few small cuts from the shattered glass. That was the end of my first vehicle.

Next I purchased a 2001 Jeep Cherokee Laredo. It took had the 4.0l inline 6 like my previous jeep. It was white, had some offroading wheels and big tires on it. I drove this vehicle for several years taking care of it. I replaced the entire stereo system instead of just the head unit this time. Added fog lights. I kept a sleeping bag, pillow, and a duffle bag of clothes in this vehicle. I never knew where I was going to end up during this time. I couldnt tell you how many times I just laid down the back seats and camped out in this thing. I started taking it to lan parties and just for fun would setup my 19" flat screen and xbox in the jeep and play from there. At one point I even installed a large power converter so I could play xbox and charge my gizmos while I was out and about. I finally got myself a real job down in Lexington and I found that the horrible gas mileage the Cherokee delivered was eating through my pay checks. So sadly I ended up selling this vehicle off to my younger brother who ratted it out, didnt maintain it, and eventually blew the engine. Which as you'll see becomes a trend with him.

I replaced the Laredo with my 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart. It had a torquey little 2.4l 4 cylinder engine, with an aftermarket muffler. Id never heard a 4 door car make that kind of growl and it intoxicated me. I didnt know much about cars at the time, but I did know about off roading. So I knew the lancer was a platform used in Rally racing, and I had seen the lancer in 2fast 2furious. So I bought the car. It was an automatic but back then I didnt care. I still had a blast in it. Even thought I bought the car to help out on my gas bill I ended up going for drives just for the fun of it, which probably didnt help my wallet at all. This was the machine that really caused me to get into cars. I had to drive this curvy little road to Lexington and back every day. When I had the jeep with the comfy seats it put me to sleep every day. But now the road came alive. Before I knew it I was buying part after part for my suspension. Making the car lower, wider, stiffer, flatter, stickier. The car became a curve carving machine. I started looking into power adders at this point because it was no longer the curves where I felt I needed improvement. It was the straights between the curves. I added a short ram intake, self adjusted my valve lash, added colder spark plugs, a catless exhaust, tuned the car for 93 octane, deleted balance shafts, added a crank scraper, light weight pulleys, the list goes on. And I finally started collecting parts for a turbo conversion.

Not everything was perfect with the Ralliart though. It seen some tough times of its own. But where I was so attached I simply couldnt bring myself to let it go. It had the engine destroyed because I got lazy and let Walmart change the oil. The retarts in their garage didnt put my oil drain plug back in all the way and while driving down the road I lost all the oil and locked up the engine. Walmart had to buy me a new motor. Another time I was at a Halloween party and someone scraped the driver door caving it in, had to hunt down who did it. Then proceeded to twist his arm into paying for the damages because he didnt want it reported to insurance or turned into the police. Finally and most recently the car's timing belt prematurely broke causing the valves in the head to be smashed. This time I rebuilt the engine myself adding several mods and preparing for the turbo conversion along the way. At the time of this writing I still have this car but sadly because of a recent purchase I will be trying to sell it soon.

During my ownership of the Ralliart my little brother blew up my old Laredo. To replace it he purchased a silver 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS 5speed. Which he treated the same way as the Jeep. He ratted it out, didnt maintain it, and eventually over heated it until the engine popped. My dad wanted to sell it for $500. But I had bigger plans for it. I talked him into a deal where I took over the Eclipse. This was where my collecting of turbo parts actually started. I planned to gut the car, rebuild it, turbo it, and use it as a race car. Didnt happen that way... I ended up rebuilding the car and flipped it for $1000.

Shortly after the Eclipse left I got a line on a great deal. A well known guy in the Ralliart community, was selling a car with some awesome history. It was also a 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart. However it was painted olive drab green, was a 5 speed and had won national level SCCA AutoX races. The timing skipped on it and the owner no longer wanted it since he was recently sponsered by Ford. I picked it up for $1500. The coilovers on the car alone were worth that price. Not to mention the exhaust, bigger rear sway bar, 5 speed conversion parts, grounding kit, solid motor mounts, actual intake. It was a treasure trove of parts. So again the original plan was to fix and turbo this car and make it my race car. Again this didnt happen. Mainly because of the timing belt failure on my original Ralliart, and secondly because of the amount of rust that had formed on the undercarrige since the car spent many winters in northern Ohio. Instead these two cars blended into one complete car. The shell of the green Ralliart now resides behind my garage. Awaiting an uncertain future.

Now that we are all caught up I can reveal why I will soon be getting rid of my beloved Ralliart. I recently purchased a 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX SE. It is dark gray in color, a 5 speed, and is ridiculously fun. The story of the Evo is just now starting but I have high hopes for this car. I want to clean it up, make some small improvements, but mainly keep it a reliable daily driver until I can pay it off. At which point the fun will really begin. I have a few spare 2.4l blocks sittin in the garage that I will be building in order to go into the Evo some day.

And that covers my automobile history. If you've read all of this I want to just say thank you. IDK why I felt like writing all of this. Just being a procrastinator and not wanting to do my job I guess. Thanks again! See you around.

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